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Indiana Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Whether it’s water filters, water softeners, or reverse osmosis machines - Hensinger Plumbing can help you control your water quality.
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Water Softener Installation

Installing a water softener doesn't just make you water taste fresher. It helps get your laundry cleaner and your dishes sparkle. It can help protect your plumbing from corrosive inclusions and keep iron from building up.

Traditional water softener companies do not adhere to code like a licensed plumber. Why not hire a company that knows both water softening and plumbing to ensure the best install possible. Having us install your new softener ensures that your pipes will be analyzed and your new equipment installed at the optimal spot in your line so that it can handle your water needs.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is the most common way of purifying your family's drinking water. It involves passing water at high pressure through a plastic membrane with micro holes in it. Most minerals and chemicals are too large to pass through the membrane leaving you with pure clean water.

Water that has been treated with reverse osmosis has much lower levels of toxic metals, chemicals, and pathogens. It is also very affordable.

Water Filters

Particularly difficult water problems call for a water filtering system. While RO systems are great for your drinking water, filtration systems will help deal with acidic water, high iron, arsenic, nitrates, sulfates, manganese, sediment, chlorine, and that notorious rotten egg smell present in your entire water system.

Having a professional plumber install your filteration system means that you will get the right system to meet your water flow needs.

CONTACT US to discuss your water treatment needs. We can help you give your family the best water quality possible.
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